Account Manager

Account Manager

An Account Manager has the primary responsibility of handling a specific account between the business and the client. This function involves having responsibility for the primary contact between client and business, and any kind of support needed for the client. Relationship management is an important aspect for account managers, since the relationship that is built represents the relationship between the client and the entire organisation.


What will you be doing as an Account Manager?

One of the main responsibilities of an Account Manager is maintaining and challenging current clients. A good relationship is necessary, since the image and success of the company is dependant on the relationship between Account Manager and client. Not only maintaining, but also acquiring new clients is a main responsibility of an Account Manager. Maintaining, challenging, and acquiring new clients are the most important activities that account managers have. Besides, an Account Manager needs to be able to define stakeholders, and other relevant players for the organisation. When an Account Manager is successful, new business opportunities can be developed for the company. To achieve the best relationship between client and business, account managers need to work with and coordinate several internal teams to realise the best possible outcome for the client. This includes negotiations between departments to reach favourable agreements and maximise profit. Moreover, an Account Manager collaborates frequently with the sales team to identify new opportunities among potential clients, and grow these opportunities within the relevant area.



There are certain basic requirements for the Account Manager position. Since every organisation differs, the requirements can vary among vacancies. The common skills and experiences are listed below:

  • Being a strong relationship builder
  • Having a customer oriented work method
  • Having excellent negotiation skills
  • Enjoying to work and coordinate with a team
  • Analytical point of view
  • Pre: experience in sales

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