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A Biostatistician analyses data and determines the causes and issues affecting living organisms. Together with a team, a Biostatistician is challenged to find the best designs and methodologies for the study in question. The challenge is to stay within the borders of the regulatory guidelines that are set.


What do you do as a Biostatistician?

A Biostatistician has several responsibilities which are both executed individually and in teams. In a team, a Biostatistician acts as a functional expert. The Biostatistician participates in writing clinical studies and keeps in mind the relevant protocols during every stage of the study. The writing involves several tasks, such as the design, the sample sizes used within the trial, the assessments, and the statistical methodologies for these studies. The Biostatistician is responsible for the setup of the tools that will be used to capture the data obtained in the studies. One of the team activities is collaborating with the clinical research associate. This collaboration involves discussing and analysing statistical data. Next, a thorough quality control is derived from this data, which provides input for the reporting of the study. Since the activities of a Biostatistician involve a large amount of data, it is crucial that he or she has extensive skills in database management.



The requirements for this position are dependent on the type of company and clinical trials that are executed. These different types of activities and companies require different knowledge and experiences. Nevertheless, there are basic requirements and skills needed:

  • More than five years of experience in clinical drug development
  • Master degree in sciences
  • Fluent in English
  • Proficient in mathematics
  • Familiar and experienced with modern database systems
  • Programming and analytical ability
  • Teamwork skills

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