Biotechnology Recruitment

Biotechnology Recruitment


QTC Recruitment is a full service biotechnology recruitment agency with a wealth of experience and an extended network in Europe.


Total Talent Solution

With our biotechnology recruitment, we offer a unique mix of services for organisations in all sizes in the biotech industry. We help you in the search and selection of professionals, but also in structuring your positions as well as assisting in how to compensate and set-up your talent management and recruitment capabilities.

We call this our total talent solution, in which we tailor our services to the wishes of our clients. In addition, we guarantee a 100% delivery and include a nine month rebate period. This means that if a permanent placement made by us is terminated within the first nine months, we will present you a suitable replacement.

QTC Recruitment is able to extend its services to any aspect of the employment cycle to guarantee a smooth process, for example in assessments & training, employer branding and market insights.


Market knowledge

We know how dynamic the biotechnology field can be. Our niche focus as a biotech recruiter helps us to act faster and match better, because we know the candidates and their ambitions, the companies and their goals and are aware of current market developments.

As a starting business in biotechnology, you have a lot to learn. Many partners with specific knowledge and expertise are needed. Finding highly specialised personal, will be critical for your success. After all, a good solution is never found without good people. QTC Recruitment specialises in mediating these hard-to-fill positions in biotechnology.

We have also created a Biotechnology Community, in which we bring professionals together to share their knowledge and learn from each other.


Client portfolio

Throughout the past decade, we have proven ourselves as a reliable biotechnology recruitment partner in Europe, for both highly reputable biotech companies and start-ups. Our diverse client portfolio and tailor-made services make us flexible and allow us to respond quickly to market changes.


Our disciplines

We work with experienced consultants in different disciplines of the biotech industry, including:


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