Candidates' way to success


Finding highly attractive positions for demanding candidates in a tight market has been QTC Recruitment’s core business for the last 10 years.

At QTC Recruitment, we make sure we can always pro-actively match jobs and searches based on skills, experience, cultural fit, and any personal wishes or goals of the candidate. Over time, QTC Recruitment has established strong and lasting partnerships with reputable employers in the Life Science industry.

QTC Recruitment’s network of employers includes the following disciplines:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Research & Development
  • Supply Chain
  • Quality
  • Regulatory
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Executive Management


Your Benefits as a Candidate

  • At QTC Recruitment, we build personal partnerships with our candidates. Combined with QTC Recruitment’s niche focus, this enables us to match upcoming projects or positions better and faster, based on the candidate’s individual skills, wishes and goals.
  • In fact, half of QTC Recruitment’s candidates benefit from our ‘reversed recruitment model.’ Instead of looking for candidates to fill a given position at a client’s company, QTC Recruitment often manages to find a job that suits a candidate’s specific set of skills.
  • QTC Recruitment presents candidates with positions that are exclusive to QTC Recruitment’s network of employers. This means QTC Recruitment can focus on thoroughly preparing its candidates for the intakes, and improves their chances of success.
  • QTC Recruitment’s network of coaches and trainers is there to support candidates in composing their resume and motivation letters and in preparing for interviews. If candidates prefer a freelance career, QTC Recruitment can help them to pick the best options.
  • When offered a position through QTC Recruitment, candidates will get all necessary support regarding the terms and conditions of their employment, including negotiations, so as to ensure a smooth onboarding.
  • QTC Recruitment’s partnership won’t stop if candidates are on an assignment or have successfully landed a new position. QTC Recruitment moves on with them at every step in their career.
  • QTC Recruitment communicates on next steps and feedback clearly and transparently, ensuring a smooth process for all involved. Candidates always know what they are up to.
  • Especially for positions that are highly attractive, quick action is essential to improve a candidate’s chances for the position or project they are looking for.
  • QTC Recruitment doesn’t charge candidates for its work and help in finding another position or project. On the other hand, QTC Recruitment offers very competitive and transparent cost structure to employers, which again improves the candidate’s chances.

Up for a new challenge?

QTC Recruitment’s unique mix of services enables you to be hired on a temporary basis first and then, after a certain period, to be employed directly. In the current economic conditions, this can make a lot of difference to your chances — whether you’re after a temporary job or a permanent one. Registering for a new challenge is easy.

Not looking for a job right now?

No problem! We at QTC Recruitment look for long-term partnerships. Just register and stay in touch. QTC Recruitment will keep you informed about possible challenges and current developments in the labor market.