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Chief Operations Officer

The Chief Operations Officer (COO) has one of the highest-ranking executive positions within an organisation. The COO is usually second in command, and reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The COO executes the primary processes within the organisation.

What will you be doing as a Chief Operations Officer?

As a COO, your primary focus is the day-to-day operation of the organisation. These day-to-day operations, that are implemented by the COO, depend on the plans that are made by the CEO. The plans created by the CEO focus on long-term business goals, whereas the COO focuses mainly on the short-term business goals. Because of this close working relationship with the CEO, the daily tasks of a COO depends on the demands, strengths, and preferences of the CEO. It is commonly seen that the COO is chosen to complement the weaknesses and strengths of the CEO. It is also common that the COO has more experience than the CEO, and is hired to mentor the CEO to become a successful leader of the organisation. Looking at the basic day-to-day activities of a COO, responsibilities include daily communication with the CEO, aligning employees with the company goals, creating and implementing operation strategies and policies, and communicating these strategies and policies to the employees.


The requirements for a Chief Operations Officer will differ per organisation. In general, there are certain basic required skills needed for the job.

  • Bachelor degree or higher (Master of Business Administration is very advantageous)
  • Excellent decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • Outstanding organisational and leadership skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and knowledge on different personality types
  • Extensive knowledge on the organisation in question

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