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Searching and selecting highly specialised candidates for demanding jobs in a tight labour market has been QTC Recruitment’s core business for over a decade. Through years of experience in the life sciences industry, QTC Recruitment has built a strong, sustainable network of professionals. QTC is all about making the difference in Quality, Time and Costs.

Your benefits as our client

Guaranteed quality

QTC Recruitment offers a unique mix of services, including a search proposal with guaranteed quality. No other recruitment agency in the life sciences industry applies a placement model that guarantees a 100% success rate. Within a pre-determined period of time, QTC Recruitment provides you with at least three matching, relevant candidates. In case we fail to deliver we refund the initial fee. You won’t pay our mark-up if you’re not happy with a new freelancer during the first month. And should a QTC Recruitment permanent placement terminate within the first nine months with us unable to refill the vacancy within a month, we refund the entire fee. Which so far has never been necessary, thanks to our 100% success rate placement model. QTC Recruitment’s refund conditions are the most favourable in the life sciences recruitment industry.

QTC Recruitment’s candidates really meet job requirements. We check them extensively, tapping our specially built network, which we continually expand, for example by organizing exclusive meetings, head-hunting and using referrals. We thoroughly track down our candidates’ references and perform pre-employment screenings in order to establish their integrity and reliability. Our recruiters are highly experienced and passionate about providing solutions and services. We are available 24/7 and always willing to go the extra mile.

Our search proposal includes the following options, with no additional costs for you as a client:

  • During pre-phase, our unique matching algorithm allows us to assess soft skills and personal click between candidates and hiring managers. Decisive factors in 40% of all hires.
  • During mid-phase, our assessment process provides for objective assessment of personality against company profile and culture, resulting in increased matches.
  • During the final phase, our trainings facility, QTC Academy enhances hired candidates’ competencies and overall value to your company.

We present our candidates in the way that is most efficient for you. Aligning our placement model to your (busy) agenda, we are able to place candidates within 48 hours from the initial contact if required. Moreover, QTC Recruitment is able to extend its services to any aspect of the employment, including pay-rolling and administration, depending on your preferences. Saving your time is our concern.

Transparent costing

QTC Recruitment’s cost structure is very competitive and transparent. Our deep knowledge of the life sciences industry allows us to optimally match market-level salaries or rates and your budget. The fee we earn is our reward for a job well done, rather than our single aim.

We offer you three options, in order to make sure that you will always find the right person for any position:

QTC Recruitment is proud to be a proven, reliable partner for recruitment in the following disciplines of the life sciences industry:



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