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Clinical Research Associate

A Clinical Research Associate (CRA) has an important role in setting up, accompanying, and coordinating a clinical trial. A CRA does not only monitor the clinical trials, but also manages the monitoring activities throughout the trial. As a CRA, you work closely with the study teams, site and field personnel, and the Clinical Project Manager.


What will you do as a Clinical Research Associate?

CRA’s are responsible for the daily clinical site activities. Involving product training, tracking and reporting of study results, and monitoring of sites. The CRA assists in the development of protocols, data management plans, monitoring plans, and other specific procedures executed within a clinical trial. Forecasts and budget support on the clinical trial are also offered by the CRA. Besides, the patients who participate in the clinical trial need to be recruited. The CRA manages the patient recruitment strategies to increase randomisation of patients in the trial. It can be common for a CRA to travel for the job. The CRA visits other sites and reports his or her findings to the site personnel. The sites needs are identified by the CRA and he or she provides solutions to these needs. Lastly, the CRA has the task of training and mentoring the junior CRA’s and attends internal meetings.


Requirements for a Clinical Research Associate

The requirements for a Clinical Research Associate are dependent on the type of company and clinical trials that are executed. These different types of activities and companies require different knowledge and experiences. In general, there are basic requirements and skills needed to start working as a CRA:

  • Bachelor degree or higher in life sciences or any other related field
  • Experience with clinical trials or working as a CRA
  • Fluent in English
  • High attention to detail and quality standards
  • Knowledge of clinical patient management
  • Familiar with study protocols like investigator brochures and regulatory requirements
  • Monitoring experience is a pre

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