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Our client is looking for a Commercial Officer to strengthen the team and help the organisation grow. The company started back in 1992 because an innovative entrepreneur believed that everyone has the right to the right medicines when they need it. Flash forward to 2018; the situation hasn’t changed. Due to the current pressure on the pharmaceutical market (competition and lack of complete reimbursements) the margins are declining. This results in the fact that pharmaceutical companies can’t make enough profits on some specific medicines and stop producing them (for the Belgian and Dutch market). Unfortunately; the patients can’t get better without them, so it is mandatory to get these medicines to the patients.

What do they do exactly?

For example, one of the hospital is in need of a specific medicine which is produced by one manufacturer in Germany, but they don’t make this medicine anymore. The hospital calls the company with a specific request for this medicine. The company uses their entire international network to see where these medicines are available, when found, they make sure that the right medicines are delivered to their office as soon as possible. Here they will check if everything is in place (the right medicines, right quantity, right casing, etc.) and send them to the hospital as soon as possible so the patients can be helped.

In this way they are responsible for helping thousands of patients over the last couple of years. Because of their effective ways of doing business, they get repeat business, positive feedback and “thank you” notes on a regular base.


In the position of Commercial Officer, you are responsible for:

  • Contact with the hospitals in Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands
  • Consulting the right stakeholder when there is an acute need for medicines, but you will also make sure that there will be no acute need for specific medicines by actively discussing shortages
  • Preparing and sending quotations
  • Handling and passing on information about orders and deliveries
  • Preparing different fairs
  • Organising mailings
  • Building relationships with new clients


  • Bachelor in working and thinking level
  • Fluent in French, Dutch, and English
  • Knowledge of pharmaceutical terms
  • Experience with SAP (or other CRM system), Outlook, and Excel
  • Entrepreneurial mindset (self starter)


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Lamin Sawaneh




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