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Aron Berhane
Senior Associate | Biotech & Pharma

“I want to help people and make the world a better place”.

My background is mainly in business services. In the period before QTC Recruitment, I worked at a high-end hospitality organisation that provides services in the hospitality segment at the higher end of the market. I joined QTC Recruitment in January 2017. First in the form of a secondary job. Then in April 2018, I decided to make the step to recruitment full time.

Working in recruitment, and specifically in Life Science, gives me the feeling that I add value to an industry that puts people first. I’ve always told myself: “I want to help people and make the world a better place”. I don’t care where and how, as long as I make people feel good about themselves. Combined with my commercial background, it makes working in recruitment something I really enjoy.

I’ve seen QTC Recruitment grow and I can see it continue to grow. A growing company means that I can grow with it, both on a business level and personally. I support the vision of management, as it offers a unique concept in the market. This makes me enjoy helping the organisation take things to the next level. This ultimately comes down to connecting top talent with top companies within Life Science.

To me, Creating Value in Life Science means that I contribute to human health and well-being. Thanks to my acquired knowledge and experience, I ensure that I match the right people with the right organisations, which in turn means they can develop new ways of tackling certain disorders, for example.

Service most appeals to me as a core value, because service doesn’t start by searching for the right candidate, nor does it end with the filling of a position. I believe you should always do everything in your power to ensure the entire process of maintaining contact runs as smoothly as possible. For example, providing after-service care is something that can be extremely helpful.

One of the first things I therefore do as soon as a position has been filled is to schedule an appointment with the candidate to hear how his or her first month went, and again after six months. I can tell from experience that this is very much appreciated, because you actually show an interest in what you have worked to achieve.