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Hans Dijkstra
Country Director Nordics & Managing Partner

“I will always go the extra mile to support clients and candidates”

After Hospitality school I started working as an assistant sommelier where I grew towards Restaurant Manager. About 12 years ago I came in contact with recruitment as I was looking for more challenges in my career and I started my first recruitment job as junior recruiter for the food industry. Here, I rapidly developed myself and within 1,5 years I was a senior recruiter. My then director and manager started their own agency and asked me to join as junior partner.

In this job I met Jord and after about 3 years Jord and I decided we wanted to setup a more quality driven agency which became QTC Recruitment. We don’t think we have reinvented the recruitment model but definitely have changed the way we can work with clients and candidates to deliver a better service than the market does.

In my career I have always worked in the service industry. And what I hear from my clients and candidates like it that I will take care of them with a positive attitude to solve their problems. That’s easy for me because I love my job. In recruitment we can deliver a service to solve people’s problems. What we do has impact on companies, and it helps the world and life science to grow the right way.

Nowadays, I’m working on a more strategic level with my clients. For example, I help them developing a recruitment strategy and with how to implement a total recruitment cycle in the organization. In this way my impact in the industry is even bigger. I can help with my experience, gained from all over Europe and in all life science sectors.

Concerning candidates, I have many examples where they weren’t searching for a new job yet because of my service to them they have found new enjoyment in their career. Often, I’m in touch with my relations for many years so we really can build a firm relationship.

Entire value chain
For me creating value is creating it in the entire value chain, to support on all matters. For example, when we are working on a RPO project to set a strategy where they themselves never thought about. Once I advised a reorganisation which saved yearly recurring cost. For another client we have developed an interview protocol which will ensure the quality of the hires and the success rate of the new employees.

I have helped candidates finding their dream job in times which they didn’t knew what they were looking for. Or thought they wanted something else than what they were doing at that moment.

Core values
All our core values are important to me. Such as Quality: This is embedded in my DNA I’m not a perfectionist but I’m always striving for the best quality in what I do. For Integrity: I believe we excel in it, our client should be able to trust us blindly.

Concerning Efficiency: I think I’m mister efficient. All to increase customer satisfaction and decrease hours to invest in the process. And Service: With my background in Michelin star restaurants and years of consulting services I will always go the extra mile to support clients and candidates.