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Jamie van den Ban
Associate Consultant | Food, Feed and Plant Science

“For me, it’s about being able to bring the right people together, at the right time.”

I’ve always worked in service-oriented companies until I obtained my BSc degree in Sports Science. After obtaining my degree, I worked as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach for almost five years. Listening to people’s needs and helping them change their lives is what I did for a living. Last year, I felt the urge to use my knowledge in a different way and made the switch to recruitment. Here I continue to listen to people’s needs and help them change their lives in a different way.

My role as Associate Consultant is not limited to acting as an intermediary for people within Food, Feed and Plant Science. Being active at the cutting edge of Life Science is not only interesting, it also helps me provide market insights to candidates and companies. I love my job because I can help people find their new challenge and offer companies the best candidates. “For me, it’s about being able to bring the right people together, at the right time.”

Challenges and insights
I joined QTC Recruitment through a good friend of mine, but the main reason I work at QTC Recruitment is because of its corporate culture. The company is still young and eager and that really appeals to me. Working here every day brings new challenges and insights. This, combined with the shared mindset of everyone here at the company, makes working here a joy.

To me, Creating Value in Life Science means being transparent, both with the company and with the candidates. Really trying to work with them, rather than for them. Really understanding the need of both, which I believe is important to serve both to the best of my ability.

Really listening
The core value of QTC Recruitment I value the most is service. Being transparent and managing expectations is one of the main aspects of this position. You need to combine that with really listening to the needs and ambitions of both the company and the candidate. That’s what it takes to get it right the first time, every time.