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Jord Teeuwen
Managing Partner

“The human connection with companies that make a difference in the world gives me a lot of satisfaction.”

I’ve been active as a recruiter throughout my working life. During this time, I’ve taken various steps at large and small companies in the US and Europe. Over the past 15 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with leading companies in the Life Science sector and assisting them in finding people and setting up their talent strategy.

The human connection with companies that make a difference in the world gives me a lot of satisfaction. Ultimately, all those great innovations in our sector come from people who make the impossible possible. No person or company is the same. That makes the work complex. I assist companies and people by applying a direct and personal approach when making important choices that can make or break a company.

Managing Partner
We decided to start QTC Recruitment based on the philosophy that Hans, the co-partner of QTC Recruitment, and I had about the way we want to do recruitment. All this was started seven years ago and to this day, running a business together with this group of people has been a great success and a great experience for me.

I think it’s great to see that we work with many people who are close to us, both personally and from a business perspective. QTC Recruitment offers people opportunities that we didn’t have ourselves when we were working for our previous employers. And that still makes it very rewarding for me, to be able to work here.

Adding value
Based on my background in Economics, I believe that everything you do should be based on adding value to the chain. Bringing people together is not a unique service in itself. However, our customers and candidates have specific needs in terms of how they prefer to bring about that connection and that’s unique for our sector.

We must therefore provide the right service, with the right quality, at the right time and price. This is what brings people to our company. After all, this is the core of how we want to work with people. Creating an irreversible customised service that adds value for our customers and candidates.

All four core values are very close to how I want to work with people, so I opt for all four values! I really want that direct and personal approach when I work with the customer or the candidate and to be as efficient as possible. All this while never losing sight of or compromising on the quality of our services.