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Kevin Prins
Consultant | Food (Sciences)

“Communication must be sincere in order to manage expectations and to create a positive relationship with the person you speak to.”

Originally, I come from the world of sports. After I completed my studies at CIOS, I was active at the Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB) and in the fitness industry. After several years, I came into contact with recruitment and started as an Associate within QTC Recruitment. The common thread for me has always been helping people. In the past, this involved developing a healthy lifestyle and coaching people as a professional and now, helping people find the next step in their career or their ideal job.

As a consultant within Food/Feed & Plant Science, I interact with many different stakeholders, both externally with our customers and candidates and internally with our Business Unit Manager. This means I understand expectations from multiple perspectives and I can also manage them. I really enjoy doing this. You’re also dealing with many different types of people, at different levels. This makes every conversation different and you have to communicate with everyone in a different way; just like my time at the KNVB. This makes my work very diverse and interesting.

The reason I work at QTC Recruitment is because here, we have a real eye for the professionals and their requirements. The organisation has excellent knowledge of the market and offers a unique concept for linking the best people to an organisation, which means they often stay with the employer for a long time. In addition, QTC Recruitment takes good care of its employees. In addition to hard work, there are often fun things on the agenda to motivate employees, to celebrate something or to just let off some steam.

To me, Creating Value in Life Science means I take an honest and critical look at my work and give the best people the opportunity to fulfil their dream job, regardless of race, origin, skin colour, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, national origin or other protected status. This not only creates added value for Life Science, but also for QTC Recruitment, for society as a whole and for myself.

Out of the four core values, I value integrity the most, because I think it’s important that everyone knows where he or she stands, without a hidden agenda. “Communication must be sincere in order to manage expectations and to create a positive relationship with the person you speak to.”