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Lisa Hondius
Senior Operations Coordinator

“I believe a company should always be asking itself:
Why do we do what we do?”

QTC Recruitment is my first work experience after completing my Business Studies. I did my internship here at QTC Recruitment as a third-year student and then continued to work part-time and once I passed my exams, I started working here full-time.

My interest is in companies with a clear objective in mind and that serve a larger whole than just their own self-interest. Selling impact instead of just a service or product. To me, this can be in any industry, as long as it does just that; those are the companies I want to work for. To me, that’s the main reason why I work at QTC recruitment.

QTC Recruitment is an organisation that wants to do things differently from the competition and look closely at the customer’s needs. It also challenges employees in their performance, can be critical of its own performance and has a great drive to improve. Also towards its employees. As my first full-time job, this is perfect for kick-starting my career!

I believe a company should always be asking itself: Why do we do what we do? In doing so, you’re concentrating on the needs of your customers, with the dot on the horizon clearly in your sights. By working from the why, you create value. And that’s exactly what we do.

Integrity is the best fit for me and this is also what I value the most. What good are the other core values if there’s no trust? This results in me being honest, transparent and reliable.