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Manon van Duijn
Marketing Coordinator

“To me, Creating Value in Life Science means contributing indirectly
to making the world a better place.”

After having studied Communication Science, I started on a Master’s degree in Persuasive Communication. I wanted a ‘side job’ in which I could really learn something related to my studies. At the time, QTC Recruitment was looking for a Marketing Assistant, so I started doing that in addition to my studies. I’ve been working as a full-time Marketing Coordinator for some time now; my first ‘real’ job.

I’m not a recruiter myself of course, but what I like about the recruitment profession is that the work allows you to help someone make a major change in his or her life. Starting a new job is an important choice and involves a lot of change. On the other hand, you can also bring a lot to the organisations’ table. By doing recruitment work well, you enable an organisation to achieve the growth or objectives it aspires, with the right people.

Additional step
The reason I work for QTC Recruitment has to do with the way the service is delivered. What we do differently from competitors is the personal attention we provide and truly analysing what an organisation or professional needs to form a good match. In addition to checking what skills a professional must have for a role, the personality of that person is also examined and whether it fits in the culture of the organisation concerned. Personally, I find this additional step very important and it’s why I work at QTC Recruitment.

Making the world a better place
To me, Creating Value in Life Science means contributing indirectly to making the world a better place. This sounds like an infeasible objective, but it’s more like a common goal of organisations in the Life Science industry aimed at making the world a little bit better; in Biopharma, Medical devices and Food. To me, matching these organisations with the right professionals so they can continue their innovations and developments means adding value to the Life Science industry in general.

All core values are equally important to me in achieving that. I think that serving all four of these values well is what makes our services unique.

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