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Mark Lablans
International Marketing Manager

“If you do a good job as a recruitment agency, you create a win-win-win situation. Everyone will benefit from this.”

My background is in commercial services. First, I worked in sales, as in one-on-one sales, after which I made the switch to marketing. What I like about marketing is linking customer demand with the organisation’s supply. That can be very broad but in general, its special feature lies in the target group approach. As such, marketing becomes very specific and detailed. You are in fact selling to an entire (target) group.

Win-win-win situation
Previously, I worked for a recruitment agency for several years and what I like most about recruitment is that, if you do a good job as an agency, you create a win-win-win situation. Everyone benefits from this, the client, the professional as a placed candidate and the recruitment agency itself.

There are several reasons why I work at QTC Recruitment. One of these is its diversity, which comes naturally and is of course part of the company. This diversity means we can understand the various (international) customers and professionals from multiple perspectives, putting us in a better position to support them.

Creating Value in Life Science
To me, Creating Value in Life Science means expanding the international network of QTC Recruitment even further. By creating an even larger network, the (sometimes) rare demand for a professional from an employer, or a rare specialisation of a candidate can make all the difference. This difference can be decisive in Life Science and affects what Life Science can do.

Just as in recruitment itself, the four core values all come together in marketing. When it comes down to it, the core value of Service is perhaps the best fit. By offering the best, tailored service, the customer and the professional as a candidate are always better off. This at the same time is embodied in the other values.

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