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Nicklas Smed Poulsen
Associate | Nordics

“ We manage to guide candidates towards their next step in their lives, without compromising the needs of our clients.”

My job at QTC Recruitment is the first full-time job I have ever had. I hold a master’s degree in health economics and a bachelor’s degree in medicine. However, I chose to start my career at QTC Recruitment since I enjoy the human interaction, which is a cornerstone within the recruitment branch.

I do not have a professional link with the recruitment branch yet, so my link to the recruitment industry is strictly personal since I like to meet new people and to have the professional one-on-one human interaction.

I work at QTC Recruitment since I find the professional atmosphere and their business philosophies very appealing, but also how personal we are with the candidates and how well we manage to guide them towards their next step in their lives without compromising the needs of our clients.

Since I have an educational background within the Life Science industry, I know how much time management and cost-effectiveness matter within that industry. So, creating value to me, means finding the best suited candidates for the positions with shortest possible delay.

I personally value integrity high. So, the fact that we here at QTC Recruitment care about integrity and that you can trust who we are – and what we stand for – is of utmost importance to me.