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Wiebe Teeuwen
Partner & Business Unit Director | Food, Feed & Plant (Sciences)

“I believe that we as recruiters do not so much create value, but cultivate it.”

Before I joined QTC Recruitment, I studied psychology. After my studies, I started in IT, as a channel account manager. Here I learned how to build up a network and do business. I also worked as an e-learning consultant, which taught me how to change behaviour through ‘gamification’ and information.

I think it’s fair to say that working as a consultant is the common thread throughout my career. I always enjoy helping people and companies to find new ways to improve and to improve yourself in the process. Personally, I’m a strong believer in ‘do what you love and love what you do’.

During my studies, I learned a lot about how people develop personally and professionally. On a personal level, I love to learn new things, from brewing beer to learning Spanish and from playing the guitar to trying new dishes. As a professional, I’m fortunate to have found customers who trust me, colleagues who care about me and to be in an environment that fosters me. That is also what I hope we can add to the companies and candidates that we service.

Everyday life
First of all, brother Jord started QTC Recruitment in 2015. Since I’ve always liked working in companies that breathe that family feeling, this was a no-brainer. Secondly, I wanted to be the type of psychologist who has an impact on everyday life. What better way to impact on people’s daily lives by helping them find the one opportunity that will boost their career and help them find jobs they love? What better way to impact the world by helping Life Science companies improve, recruit the right people and move them forward? That’s what I love about my job.

I believe that we as recruiters do not so much create value, but cultivate it. We help candidates and companies by asking the questions they sometimes find difficult asking themselves. We nurture the industry by finding new ways to target candidates who innovate and move forward. We encourage start-ups to think outside the box. We involve people to work in their flow and to change the world.

I’ve always believed that quality can be found in the daily conversations we have with our customers and candidates. By being authentic, injecting some humour and bringing pleasure to a process that must be exciting for all parties involved. To me, integrity has always been opening up our network to those who need it. Sharing knowledge and always looking for a win-win situation. We achieve the best results through efficiency and delivering a high-quality service. I’ve always liked the moments when we can surprise a customer with candidates ahead of schedule.