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Yvo Selderbeek
Senior Associate | Clinical Research

“By empathising with both customers and candidates, I understand the various interests and can target my response.”

I’ve always been a service provider, from my quest for adventure through the tourism sector to my urge to contribute to society as a mental healthcare provider. Based on my BSc in Social Work and my experience in healthcare, empathy is central to me. By empathising with both customers and candidates, I understand the various interests and can target my response.

Being exposed to something new over and over again is really cool. New knowledge, new companies, new people and new experiences. The image of recruitment in general is not very positive and therefore it gives me great satisfaction to distinguish myself in that. And QTC Recruitment offers me the platform to do just that. Ultimately, that’s the combination that keeps it interesting for me, the adventure of taking on new challenges in conjunction with providing a high-quality service that leads to great brokerage results.

Super combination
QTC Recruitment offers me a platform in which I’ve been able to develop my own style and in which I can express my own core values. I have the opportunity to set up my own market stall as it were and given my link to healthcare and clinical research, that’s a great combination. We’re an energetic group of people who strive for quality while being able to manage sufficient quantity. By celebrating each other’s successes, working long hours every now and then is no longer a problem. In the end, you have something to celebrate with customers, candidates and colleagues.

Without people you have no organisation, no culture, no product or service and no vision. By making an effort, the customer’s organisation is staffed with people who have a vision, who understand their product or service and who want to take it further. People who contribute to a healthy and rich culture. The role I play in this is that of catalyst between the customer and the new colleagues.

Quality suits me best by far. To me, it’s an overarching value in which service, integrity and efficiency is contained. But perhaps that’s too easy an answer. Why not give me a call me and tell me what your qualitative standard is, then I will see if I can match that in the most efficient way.