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Cost Structure

QTC Recruitment’s cost structure is very competitive and transparent. Thanks to our great knowledge of the life sciences industry, we can always make the best match of market-conform salaries or rates and the client’s budget. The earned fee is our reward for a job well done, rather than our single aim.

Overview of QTC Recruitment’s financial proposal

Retained search

An initial fee of 1/3 will be paid upfront to retain QTC Recruitment as the sole supplier for this search. The 25% fee will be calculated on the expected annual salary of the position. You will pay the fees of 1/3 at the following points of the recruitment process:

  • 1/3 of 25% at the start of the project
  • 1/3 when we schedule the second interviews
  • 1/3 will be paid after the candidate has signed the contract, a recalculation will be made with the final annual salary package

Extra services

In this proposal we will include additional services to our recruitment process, without charging any extra costs. The following services will be included:

  • Personality test, an algorithm matching tool that will indicate the personal fit of the candidate with the hiring manager and the companies culture.
  • An assessment that will provide an inside of the competences of the to be offered candidate and on which points he/she needs to develop on.
  • QTC Academy training powered by Exellior. Within the first six months of the start of the placed candidate, a training day will be held to develop the assessed competences of the hired candidate.

Success guaranteed

At QTC Recruitment we stand for our world class service model. If we are unable to find at least three relevant candidates that you want to interview for the position within the agreed period of time, we will refund your initial payment.

Nine months rebate period

Our experience and recruitment model enables us to make the best match for your company. For this reason, we are able to guarantee a successful placement by giving a nine month rebate period for all the candidates that we place.


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