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Demand Planner

The Demand Planner leads the demand process and is responsible for the sales forecast of all products the organisation offers, this involves sales, finance, and marketing. The goal of a Demand Planner is to create a realistic sales forecast, which includes promotions and product introductions. The time horizon of a planning differs per organisation. Some key steps in the demand planning process are: importing customer forecasts, managing forecasts, and supply and demand collaboration.

What will you be doing as a Demand Planner?

The main tasks you will have on an everyday basis are analysing, evaluating, and predicting the (future) requirements of customers. You will create statistical forecasts by gathering data, executing statistical software, reviewing statistical results, and applying error analyses. Moreover, you will have daily contact with warehouses regarding product shipment, stock levels, and push orders. You will communicate all relevant information about sales forecasts to different stakeholders to keep them up-to-date. Furthermore, you will have coordinating and operational tasks: you will provide initiatives and feedback regarding findings and results for process improvements. These activities will lead to a successful supply chain and a production plan that results in an optimal customer service.


There are certain basic requirements for a Demand Planner position. Since every organisation differs, the requirements can vary among vacancies. The following list shows the common skills and experiences you will need for the position:

  • Bachelor degree or higher in supply chain management, business or finance
  • Fluent English language skills, both verbal and non verbal
  • Good communication skills
  • Experience with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems
  • Strong administrative skills
  • Ability to work independently and in a team
  • Excellent numerical and analytical skills

Regularly Demand Planner positions become available at QTC Recruitment in the life science industry. The positions available belong exclusively to the network of QTC Recruitment’s clients. If you are interested in a Demand Pplanner position, or any other related position in the life science industry, do not hesitate to send your resume to or feel free to contact us at +31 (0)23 754 86 60.


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