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Biotech- and Biopharma industry

Whether it concerns chronic or infectious diseases or other rare conditions, the best thing about the developments and innovations in the Biotech and Biopharma industry is that they help people who could not be helped before:

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Biotech and Biopharma


Robotisation of laboratory processes and further digitalisation have made genetic modification of organisms easier and more accessible for more and more organisations. As in the 1990s, we are experiencing a real biotechnology surge. Who would have thought that a vaccine could progress ‘from development to patient’ within 10 months?

This is what happened during the Covid pandemic! It was clearly an exceptional situation, but developments are moving faster and faster, which is a big improvement. The advantage is that the industry will help people who could not be helped before. New possibilities are emerging. This trend may in fact change the industry and ultimately improve the world.

biotech and biopharma

Changes in the industry

The forces behind the development, production and final commercialisation of a product vary enormously. Each phase requires a different approach. And these developments are set to continue in the coming years. This will lead to extremely dynamic work fields in the Biotech and Biopharma industry; more dynamic than other industries.

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QTC Recruitment and the Biotech and Biopharma industry

In the last ten years, QTC Recruitment has proven itself to be a successful recruitment partner for (highly) renowned Biotech and Biopharma organisations as well as smaller start-ups and scale-ups. In the Benelux as well as in the Nordics. As a result, we have developed the largest Life Science network in Northwestern Europe and we understand what the developments in the Biotech and Biopharma industry require from their specialists.

This network will support you in these regions in recruiting, selecting and hiring specialists in all kinds of positions. Both for the long and short term. Ultimately, we need the professionals in the organisations to make the real difference in the Biotech- and Biopharma industry. We provide you with the most appropriate specialists and advise you on how to deploy talent strategically. Besides this, we advise specialists about their careers.


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We are committed to improving the Biotech/Biopharma industry together and are proud of the unique partnerships with large and small companies. Every employee in our organisation has a passion for Biotechnology and will support organisations and professionals in their development and growth in a direct and honest manner. Would you like to know how we can help you?

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On developments in the Biotech/pharma industry

The Life Science industry is one of the most dynamic industries.

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