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The Medical Devices industry requires the continual development of innovative, medical technologies to improve the quality of health care. This is all about support for the daily life of ill people.

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Medical devices


The Medical Devices industry experiences the increasing need to develop innovative devices. More and more use is being made of technical intelligence to provide a better quality of life to patients. Developments include devices patients can wear and which can be monitored remotely by care staff. In some cases patients can even operate the medical equipment themselves.

These developments will change the connection between user, hospital and company. The entire chain is becoming increasingly important, which means that there is a great need for parties who adopt an integrated platform approach.

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Changes in the industry

On the one hand insurers and hospitals focus on keeping healthcare costs manageable, while on the other hand the innovative Medical Devices industry focusses on patient convenience. This makes for an interesting fork in the road.

Especially to traditional Medical Devices organisations the integrated platform approach is rather revolutionary. In the wake of these changes many new players are entering the market. They use sharp(er) data models which bring the real world evidence closer than ever before. There is a continuous urgent demand for experienced, well-trained specialist professionals to further develop these innovative medical devices.

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QTC Recruitment and the Medical Devices industry

Ultimately, we need the specialists in the organisations to make the real difference in the industry. QTC Recruitment will provide organisations with the most appropriate specialists and advise them on how to deploy talent strategically. We understand what the developments in the Medical Devices Industry require from its specialists and can give them advice on their careers.

In recent years QTC Recruitment has started unique teamwork with large and small companies and many specialists. As a result, we have developed the largest Life Science network in Northwest Europe. This network will support organisations in the Benelux and the Nordics to recruit, select and hire specialists in all kinds of positions. Both for the long and short term.


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We are committed to improving the Medical Devices Industry together. Every employee in our organisation has a passion for Medical Devices and will support organisations and professionals in their development and growth in a direct and honest manner. Want to know how we can help you?

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The Life Science industry is one of the most dynamic industries.

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