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Staff in the Life Science industry

There is huge demand for well-educated and highly qualified staff in the Life Science industry. Maintaining and recruiting professionals is especially important in Life Science, because the professionals make the difference here.

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Staff in the Life Science industry

The role of professionals in staff departments, of staff members, is often overlooked. Without strong staff departments, a Life Science organisation can never develop optimally. From this philosophy, QTC is focusing on these professionals with the QTC Life Science Staff division. The division is an intermediary for ‘staff officers’ both in the Benelux and the Nordics.

‘Staff department’ is a collective term for all departments that, as a business unit at the organisational level, perform work for the operational departments. These include: HR, Finance, IT, Legal, or Purchasing. Staff departments and the professionals who work here are incredibly important. During each phase of a company’s development.

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Changes in staff departments

And, just like in operational departments, a lot is happening and changing in the way professionals work. Think about how ‘work in general’ is structured, setting up the right IT infrastructure, purchasing scarce goods, or managing taxes or the financial model of a Life Science organisation.

Specific activities that the Life Science industry deals with using its own dynamics. Staff departments and the professionals that work there must respond to this, keep innovating and sometimes even take the lead in this. The process or the system that plays a role here is extremely important.

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QTC Recruitment and the Life Science industry

These days, the specific professionals that an organisation attracts is of paramount importance. Because classical organisation models are being reviewed, legacy systems are being migrated to the cloud in organisations that are set up for a ‘Cash Burn’ work method. This requires specialist knowledge, skills and qualities on the part of these professionals.

The QTC Life Science Staff division as such consciously talks about professionals working in staff departments. QTC Life Science Staff assists organisations in finding these qualified professionals who understand these developments and helps specialised professionals find employers who use this method, where they optimally deploy their expertise.


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We greatly value improving the Life Science industry together and are as such proud of the unique partnerships we have established with large and small companies. Each employee in our organisation, in their own way, has passion for the Life Science industry and assists organisations in their development in a direct and honest manner. Would you like to know how we can help you with this?

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About developments in the Life Science industry

The Life Science industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the world.

It is mainly the highly qualified specialists that contribute to this. Stay up-to-date with the developments of both and click here:

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