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Gino Boekelaar
Consultant | Medical Technology & Healthcare

“Out of the four core values of QTC Recruitment, I value service the most. This is mainly reflected in my personal and professional relationships, because I am honest and open in my communications. Because of this, everyone always knows what they can expect from me!”

I’ve always worked in entrepreneurial and social jobs with the common thread of helping people and providing a high level of service. QTC Recruitment has been no exception since I started working here back in 2017. Starting as a sales and finance trainee and moving on to the position of recruiter within our Medical Devices division when offered a fixed contract.

I gained my first experiences in recruitment in the Medical Devices division and I still work here today. My role as a consultant is acting as an intermediary between specialists and customers, i.e., the clients. In practice, this means I help professionals of all levels, from starters to executives, in realising the next step in their careers.

Regional networks
QTC Recruitment offers a unique concept in the market and I can therefore really help make a difference. As a recruitment specialist in medical technology, we draw from an extensive network and are active in almost the entire product life cycle, from suppliers to end customers. That’s why I can help organisations with almost all of their issues, provide market insights and offer a solution at any time.

My goal going forward is to get in touch with even more regional networks and venture capitalists. This is because I’m convinced that QTC Recruitment in general, and I in particular, can deliver added value through our market, expertise and network.

Creating Value in Life Science
To me, Creating Value in Life Science means that my intercultural background and international experience allow me to better understand organisations and professionals and to assist them better. And every day, I learn more from all the industry experts. This ultimately allows me to serve them even better in this innovative and competitive market. I’m proud to be a part of that!

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