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Joep Visser
Senior Associate | Medical Technology & Diagnostics

“I’m incredibly grateful that I can make a social contribution in this way”

After having explored every path in the temporary employment industry, I came into contact with QTC Recruitment at the end of 2020, which became my new employer not long after. The combination of technological issues and working with people has inspired me from the very outset of my career. Thanks to my personal interest and intrinsic drive, I know how to sink my teeth into issues and bring professionalism and efficiency to my work, both towards the candidate and the customer.

Recruitment brings you into contact with ‘the market’ in a different way. A pleasant way, in which you can listen to both the side of supply and demand. As a Senior Associate at QTC Recruitment, I’m in contact with both the candidate and the client. I act as a representative of the candidate and look after the motives of the client in the selection process. This is an important role, where complex issues are daily routine. My energetic, transparent, and direct approach ensures I create the right expectations for both parties. That’s what I stand for and that’s my strength.

I believe medical technology is one of the most interesting subjects I’ve come across. Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed serious, even terminal illnesses in my environment since childhood. As such, I’ve seen my loved ones receive outdated treatments. I believe that to stand still is to go backwards, especially in the medical world.

I’m therefore incredibly grateful to be able to make a social contribution in this way and to be in daily contact with both start-ups and multinationals that are constantly innovating and marketing technology. This drives me enormously and makes me get up earlier in the morning to be available for the market.

Creating Value in Life Science, that’s what we stand for. Thanks to an objective view, intensive partnerships and international focus, we’re able to obtain all available information on the market. I now have a thorough knowledge of medical technology, which I’m eager to share with my candidates and customers.

Two values
As an organisation, our philosophy is based on four core values: quality, integrity, efficiency and service. They run through our organisation as a common thread. Service and efficiency are the two values that are top my list. To me, guaranteeing service means
keeping the agreements made within the set requirements and thinking along about issues and solutions. I want to stand shoulder to shoulder with the candidate or client, not in front of or behind them.

I also have a passion for efficiency. Furthermore, I’m mainly known for my fast and efficient approach and drive to tackle things according to the lean concept. Ultimately, there are only 24 hours in a day and there’s a limit to what you can do, but you can work smarter. To channel my energy and achieve success, tight processes ensure my efficiency, and I like to stick to these.