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Jorrit van Dieren
Associate | Biotech & Pharma

“Listening carefully to the wishes of the customer
and those of the candidate is extremely valuable.”

I started my career as an intermediary at a temporary employment agency in Utrecht. This was my first introduction into the recruitment business. I liked this so much that I wanted to specialise more in this and that’s how I eventually ended up at QTC Recruitment, to further expand my experience and learn more.

The reason I like recruitment so much is that you interact with all sorts of people, every day. It’s important that you listen carefully to what the candidate really wants and whether or not this fits in with the type of work they are meant to do for your customer. If this doesn’t match, you know what to look out for next time around. Doing this effectively will bring out the best matches.

What I like about QTC Recruitment is that I fully endorse the vision of how we approach and treat our candidates and customers. The focus is on the long term and that’s how we want to continue to serve our customers and candidates. Unfortunately, this mindset is not the same, depending on who you dealing with in the market.

For me, Creating Value in Life Science means that everyone within Life Science can empower themselves to become the professional they aspire to be. And to contribute to that means a lot to me.

Out of the four core values that we apply here at QTC Recruitment, service appeals to me most. By listening carefully to the wishes of the customer and those of the candidate, you create a reliable picture of what is expected and what they truly want. I find that extremely valuable. If you do this well, you’ll be able to provide an excellent service and do justice to all parties involved.

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