Emi Lioudaki

Associate | Food, Feed & Plant (Sciences)

"We act as true partners by valuing the organisation’s goals and offering tailor-made solutions that drive their success."

“After completing my master’s in human resources management, I eagerly joined the Food Science team at QTC Recruitment. As an international professional, I have had the privilege of working with diverse academic and multinational teams. Joining QTC Recruitment was the perfect chance for me, as it provided the perfect opportunity to contribute to the organisation's growth ambitions.

Recruitment first captured my interest during my bachelor’s studies when I had my initial exposure to the field during an internship. I was astonished by how fun recruitment can be and the process of connecting people with their dream jobs and helping businesses grow extremely fulfilling. This led me to pursue a second internship focused exclusively on recruitment, where I discovered that my true passion lies in fostering meaningful connections with both candidates and clients.

Valuable solutions

There are several reasons why I chose to work at QTC Recruitment. One of them is the organisation's dedication to living by its core values. Right from my first interaction with the team, it was evident that QTC Recruitment places the utmost importance on high-quality services. They strive for knowledge and growth, which ensures that both clients and professionals receive objective and valuable solutions. Working with a team that is genuinely invested in the success of its clients and professionals is what makes QTC Recruitment stand out in the industry.

Life-changing products and services

Creating Value in Life Science, to me, means bridging the gap between talented individuals and organisations that are making a positive impact on people's lives. At QTC Recruitment, our mission revolves around staying at the forefront of developments in the life science industry by providing the right professionals for our clients. By doing so, we contribute to the creation of innovative and life-changing products and services that benefit society as a whole.

Delivering unparalleled service

Among QTC Recruitment's core values, "We Are World-Class" resonates with me the most. This value encompasses the essence of the other three values: Energy, Partnership, and Growth.

From the customer's perspective, being World-Class means delivering unparalleled service, understanding and meeting their unique needs, and continuously striving for excellence. We act as true partners by valuing their goals and offering tailor-made solutions that drive their success.

For professionals, being World-Class means providing them with opportunities that align with their aspirations and skills, while offering guidance and support throughout their journey. It means fostering an energetic and positive atmosphere during every interaction, making the entire recruitment process an enjoyable and empowering experience.”

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