Marianna Tomkova

Associate | MedTech & Diagnostics

"With QTC Recruitment, I'm driven to fuel innovation and growth in Life Sciences, going the extra mile with passion and curiosity."

In my professional journey, I've always believed in going the extra mile, a principle that has guided me through various roles in the tech industry and, for the past six years, within the innovative realm of the Medical Technology (MedTech) Industry. This climate seamlessly aligns with my decision to join the dynamic team at QTC Recruitment. With a background as a Business Intelligence Analyst, my inquisitive nature and passion for the MedTech sector naturally led me to this venture.

Recruitment experiences

Working at QTC Recruitment offers an opportunity to engage with the Life Sciences industry, an industry known for its innovation. Conversations with clients and candidates enrich my experience, providing insights into technological advancements in Life Sciences and contributing to the growth of medical technology organisations. It's what truly motivates me.

Beyond my daily responsibilities, I channel my enthusiasm for recruitment as a volunteer in a professional women's network. Over nearly two years, I've been actively involved in recruiting new members, discovering that recruitment combines analytical thinking with a people-centric focus—a blend that I've come to love.

Embracing Growth

Among QTC Recruitment's core values, Growth (and learning) resonates with me the most. It's the driving force behind my choice to be a part of this organisation—to contribute to the growth of the organisation, our MedTech clients, candidates, and, of course, my personal growth.

Creating Value in Life Sciences

For me, creating value in Life Sciences means delivering the best candidate for a MedTech client. At QTC Recruitment, we forge connections that might not happen organically, ensuring a smooth process for both sides and contributing to the industry's growth.

Thanks to my connections in female networks, I've delved into the FemTech (female technology) industry. I'm keen on expanding our MedTech customer portfolio with FemTech organisations, recognising the wealth of knowledge about women's bodies. Knowledge is power.

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