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Flavorists create all kinds of flavours for food and other products. They use their knowledge of  botanical extracts, flavour aromas, and essences to intensify and recreate natural flavours and to create new flavours. Most of the time, you will work for an organisation which conducts research for the purpose of improving food and beverage products. Other companies might hire you because their products need to have a good or better scent, for example beauty products. Examples of positions as Flavorist are: Flavorist Savoury, Seasoning Flavorist and Flavorist Naturals.


What will you be doing as a Flavorist?

There are multiple activities a Flavorist has to perform on a daily basis. Surely, there are variations depending on the organisation you work for and the type of product it produces. You will be responsible for the development of new products such as perfumes, savoury, and raw and synthetic materials, but also for the improvement of existing products. You are the point of contact to provide timely flavour samples. Moreover, you will deliver solutions to customer questions and manage several new product introductions. Once you start a new project, you will proactively develop new recipes in cooperation with the customer. Furthermore, you will get training from the marketing or sales team on newly formulated flavours, to stay up-to-date with the latest developments. Lastly, you will work in teams and are responsible for training local Flavorists.



The requirements of Flavorists will differ per organisation. These differences depend on the industry and the type of organisation. In general, there are certain basic skills needed for the job:

  • Bachelor or Master degree in an area related to food or flavour chemistry
  • Sense of smell and taste
  • Willingness to experiment
  • Knowledge of flavour interactions with processed foods
  • Knowledge of databases and industry specific software
  • Distillation and separation techniques
  • Logical thinker, trustworthy and detail orientated
  • Creativity

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