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We are a full service food recruitment company with a wealth of experience and an extended network in Europe. Our network in combination with our personal and direct approach and unique placement model is the key in finding specialised candidates for demanding positions in the competitive labour market of the food industry.


Personal relationships with our clients

The strength of our food recruitment is that we are working with most of our clients for a long period of time, allowing us to build personal relationships. By doing so, we get to know them thoroughly. We can therefore tailor our service and consultancy efficiently to their needs.

QTC Recruitment can offer you a total talent solution, in which we are doing more than just provide suitable professionals. Based on your strategic course, we advise you on the type of personnel you need, how the recruitment process will look like and what kind of compensation is involved. This transparent, personal and in-depth approach results in more relevant interviews, a more cost efficient recruitment process and lower employee turnover in your organisation.

As a food recruitment agency, we take away the pressure of recruitment during busy or special events, but are also flexible when the demand is less. We can work as an internal recruiter as well as a specialist food recruiter for specific positions.


Our clients

We team up with different types of organisations, from food science to food & beverage companies, from start-ups and scale-ups to large multinationals. In particular, we work together with companies that are currently doing something innovative, are growing, undergoing a development, have launched a unique product, want to open an office in a new country or are in the midst of a transition.



We are a specialist food (science) recruiter for the following disciplines:


We are happy to tell you everything about our food recruitment solutions, feel free to get in touch with us, so we can get to know each other.



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