Health, safety, and environment

Health, Safety, Environment

Health, safety, and environment (HSE) is the discipline that ensures that the organisations’ activities do not harm anyone’s safety at the workplace, and minimises the effect of the organisation’s operations on the environment. HSE is often present in an organisation in the form of a department or a branch. The health, safety, and environment discipline is also known by the following abbreviations: OHS, EHS, QHSE, HSSE, and QHSSE.

A health, safety, and environment department within an organisation has several responsibilities. The first responsibility has to do with abnormal operations and the prevention of any incidents or accidents that could occur during these operations. An example of an incident that is related to an abnormal operation is dealing with a fire breaking out. The second responsibility is related to reducing disadvantageous affects resulting from day-to-day activities. An example of the reduction of the effects of day-to-day activities is working to reduce the carbon footprint of an organisation. All responsibilities of the health, safety, and environment department involve a close collaboration with the regulatory department. Additionally, the company’s policies need to be taken into account during the decisions made by the health, safety, and environment department.

Developments in Health, Safety, and Environment

Since the health, safety, and environment discipline is strongly influenced by regulations and policies from companies and the government, the increasing amount of regulations makes the discipline more complex. The complexity of the several regulations can be managed because of the increasing use of technology within the discipline.

There are several developments within the use of technology for health, safety, and environment. Making up incident reports, managing leave, and medical issues and the monitoring of the safety of the employees has become easier thanks to several software applications. Next to making the reporting process easier, technology has also helped to avoid fatalities and injuries at the work place. An example of this technology is 3D visualisation software. This software makes it possible to visualise a new plant or site in life-like images, which makes it easier to train employees before entering the new location. This allows the employees to be aware of the risks and dangers ahead of time which minimises the risk.

Next to the short-term developments mentioned above, there are developments occurring within the health, safety, and environment discipline that have a long-term effect on the discipline. These developments are related to climate change and, as a result of the growing population, the increase in the scarcity of natural resources. The developments influence the health, safety, and environment discipline since companies need to keep the stakeholders content and, at the same time, consider the regulations related to climate change and the increase in the scarcity of natural resources.

Health, Safety, and Environment and QTC Recruitment

QTC Recruitment’s extensive experience and niche focus in the life sciences industry, gives us the ability to offer you a specialised network of professionals. Our involvement in the market makes us aware of the current and expected environment. The expertise of our consultants help us contribute to the future success of your organisation.

QTC Recruitment regularly fills positions related to the discipline health, safety, and environment. Examples of these positions are: RA managers or officers, and sustainability managers. RA managers and officers have the responsibility to make sure the company in question obeys all laws and regulations that are related to the business conducted. Within these positions scientific, business, and legal issues knowledge is combined. A sustainability manager focuses on three branches: the economy, the environment, and the needs of present and future generations. Sustainability management is important since it is a crucial part of maintaining the quality of life on our planet by taking responsibility of our actions for future generations.

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