Interim service

Interim Service

At QTC Recruitment, we have several specialists in the field of interim positions. To be able to offer the best possible service to you as our client, the interim positions are filled on the basis of two types of services. The types of interim services offered are a no cure-no pay and a retained service.

Retained service

When you choose for a retained service, this means you will benefit from our exclusive service. Thereby, we will present you candidates within two weeks and you will get a nine month rebate period.

No cure, no pay

When you choose to collaborate with us on a no cure, no pay base, you will not have to pay anything beforehand. The partnership will not be an exclusive one. However, we do provide you with a one month rebate period.

Interested in a detailed overview of our interim services? Contact us to discuss the possibilities: +31 (0)23 754 8660, or send an email to

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