Life sciences

Life Sciences

The life sciences industry have been QTC Recruitment’s core focus for years, resulting in many successful placements, a wealth of experience, an extended and strong network, and a dominant position in Europe’s life sciences industry. Life sciences include developments in scientific research ranging from humans and animals to microorganisms, food and plants, QTC Recruitment mainly focuses on medical devices, biotechnology, and food (sciences). What’s special in the life sciences industry is that it affects and engages us all: from consumer to professional. Each sector is engaged in different phases of research, product development, and production. The overarching goal that all these sectors have in common is striving for improvements to our quality of life, products, and processes.

Developments in the life sciences industry

No other industry is developing and innovating faster than the life sciences industry. Developments in life sciences provide major social and economic consequences. Due to market saturation organisations are increasingly focusing on innovation and diversification, resulting in an increasing demand for research and development (R&D) employees. For example, innovations in the pharmaceutical industry lead to production of new drugs for better health care, and innovations in the food (sciences) result in food that is becoming more varied, safer, healthier, or more sustainable. Changing laws and regulations increased the demand for staff with thorough knowledge of quality assurance and regulatory affairs. Positions related to the mentioned disciplines are difficult to fill, because specific knowledge and skills are needed. Our large-scale network of leading employers and specialists in the life sciences industry allows us to offer a placement model with a 100% success rate.

QTC Recruitment and life sciences recruitment

QTC Recruitment matches candidates and clients all over Europe in order to fill these specialised vacancies. Despite the strong focus of the mentioned sectors, QTC Recruitment’s network also covers sectors such as pharmacyFMCGchemical industry, and clinical research organisations. Our life sciences recruitment consultants have an in-depth understanding of all these sectors and their market developments. We understand your needs and the importance of having specialists on the right places.

We work with, among others, biotechnology, medical devices, and pharmaceutical organisations, and help them with our recruitment expertise and skills to find the highly qualified professionals they need. These collaborations enable us to contribute to the development of new treatments and drugs that will be used to improve people’s lives. Working in the life sciences industry gives the opportunity to make a difference, since every professional we place can help our clients to the next step.

As a life sciences recruitment organisation, we fill all kinds of junior, senior, and management positions. Whatever job you have, our consultants will advise you about the recruitment process and additional aspects needed. Ensuring that we deliver a world class service to you.

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