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Biotechnology Industry

Biotechnology is one of the largest sectors within the life sciences industry, investigating biological processes, organisms, and cells in order to develop new technologies, instruments, and products for research, agriculture, industry, and clinical purposes. Differences between the development, production, and final commercialisation of a product are immense. Each phase requires a different approach. Final products in biotechnology are meant to improve the quality of life, products, and/or processes, the main goal of the life sciences industry. Like no other, QTC Recruitment knows how dynamic this field can be. Throughout the past decade, we have been able to prove ourselves as a reliable recruitment partner in Europe, for both highly reputable biotech companies and start-ups. For example, QTC Recruitment is preferred supplier of one of the Top Seven Biotech Companies in Europe.

Developments in the biotechnology industry

Robotising laboratory processes and digitisation make genetic adaptation of organisms easier and therefore more accessible. We are truly in a real biotech wave, comparable to the 1990s, leading to important achievements. Worldwide, over 350 million patients are benefiting from biotechnology companies. The newly developed drugs by biotech already represent more than 30% of the worldwide drug sales. The best part of biotechnology industry is that it enables helping people who could not have been helped previously. Whether it is about chronic diseases, heart attacks, strokes, breast cancer, leukemia, diabetes, hepatitis, or other rare or contagious diseases, biotechnology may play an important role.

As a starting business in biotechnology you have a long way to go and many partners with specific knowledge and expertise are needed. Finding highly specialised personal will be essential. After all, no solution is found without people. QTC Recruitment specialises in mediating these hard-to-fill positions in biotechnology.

QTC Recruitment and the biotechnology industry

Jord Teeuwen, one of the founders of QTC Recruitment, is working as a recruiter for over a decade. He became successful during his period in Boston, the epicentre of the biotechnology industry, where he was responsible for setting up a recruitment organisation. His work in Boston resulted in a lot of experience and a unique network in the United States and Europe. Clients really like to work with Jord because of his approach and way of working, which can be characterised as profound and persistent. This results in offering our clients tailor-made services, finding specialised candidates for demanding positions in a competitive labour market.


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