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Chemical Industry

A vital sector in the life sciences industry is the chemical industry. The chemical industry works with raw materials such as oil, metals, water, natural gases, air, and minerals to convert these materials into more than 70.000 different products including a variety of products we use daily. The products produced by the chemical industry can be divided into three different categories. The first category includes consumer chemicals that are directly sold to consumers including perfumes, soaps, detergents, and other toilet ware. The second category concerns basic chemicals. These are chemicals which are produced in large amounts and are used as intermediates for making consumer products. Basis chemicals are mainly sold within the chemical industry. The last category includes speciality chemicals. These chemicals belong to a wide range of chemicals such as paints, inks, and crop protection chemicals, but also paper and textiles. The goal of the chemical industry is to find new products that improve the quality of life. This corresponds with the main goal of the life sciences industry.


Staying competitive is essential for every industry. However, a serious topic within the chemical industry is safety. While staying competitive as an organisation in the chemical industry, you still need to operate within safety limits. This is extremely important, as many of the products of the chemical industry are potentially hazardous at some time during production and/or distribution. These chemicals can be liquids, gases, solids, flammable, explosive, corrosive, and/or toxic. Therefore, it is relevant to find manufacturing methods prevent harm to the environment. Improving existing processes to make chemicals that use less capital and save raw materials is also of utmost importance. Saving raw materials is necessary because oil and natural gas are becoming more and more scarce and expensive. Finding new ways to decrease our dependence on non-renewable resources is the greatest challenge within the chemical industry.

QTC Recruitment and the chemical industry

The chemicals produced by the chemical industry are sold in various markets, including the life sciences industry. QTC Recruitment serves clients from the chemical industry in Europe with our unique search proposal to find specialised candidates for demanding positions.

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