Clinical Research Organisations, Klinische Onderzoek Organisaties

Clinical Research Organisations

Clinical research is research of and for healthcare. Clinical research organisations (CROs) determine the effectiveness and safety of medical devices, diagnostic products, medications, and treatment methods within the healthcare industry. These products or services can be used for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, or for the relief of symptoms of a specific disease. The difference between CROs and healthcare is that clinical research organisations collect materials and evidence to develop and improve treatments, whereas these treatments are applied in healthcare. Clinical research includes activities in the lab for the development of products that can be introduced in the consumer market and beyond. The main goal of clinical research is to improve the quality of life, products or processes. This is achieved by expanding medical knowledge through studying people, blood, tissues, or other samples. The goal corresponds to the overall goal in the life sciences industry.

One type of clinical research is clinical trials. A clinical trial is an experiment designed to help translate lab research into a treatment, or to help develop new ways of using the (existing) treatment. The goal of a clinical trial is to determine whether a new treatment or medicine is effective and safe. Clinical trials are part of a process, which can take many years to complete. A clinical trial consists of four phases.

Developments in clinical research organisations

Pharmaceuticals and clinical research organisations are constantly trying to find innovative ways to improve clinical research. There is a high need to find new ways to lower the clinical trial costs, increase the efficiency of recruiting patients, or monitor patients more precisely. A development that has a major influence on clinical research is the advancement of new technologies. Consumers and patients increasingly use their mobile phone to search for information, do online shopping and socialise on social media. They also become more comfortable sharing health information online. Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology organisations are using mobile devices to inform patients about clinical trials, to make appointments or to send reminders. Developing mobile apps can reduce costs of clinical trials and increase efficiency.

QTC Recruitment and clinical research organisations

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