Food (Sciences) Industry

Currently, there is a lot of pressure on the food (sciences) industry, which is a vital part of the life sciences industry. In 2050, the world population will have increased by two billion people to more than nine billion people in total. The challenge of the food (sciences) industry is to produce twice as much nutrition with half of the resources. Available land and natural resources become scarce. In order to meet this increasing demand, worldwide food production will have to increase by at least 60%. Food scientists manage the whole food process: from grain to consumer product. The food (sciences) industry combines a variety of disciplines, including biology, biochemistry, quality control, and chemical engineering, in order to improve resources, ingredients, processing as well as products. This results in food that is safer, more nutritious, healthier, and easier obtainable. QTC Recruitment understands the importance of having specialists on the right places. Therefore, we are offering a unique search proposal. The main goal of the food (sciences) industry, just like other life sciences sectors, is striving to the best quality of life, products, and/or processes.


In addition to the growing world population, other current topics in the food (sciences) industry include clean labels and organic products, diet-disease relationships, and consumer attitudes concerning food risks. Developments are fast and have high societal relevance, resulting in a constant demand for employees in the food (sciences) industry. To expand food production food alternatives are also sought, such as insects and fungi. QTC Recruitment works with several major food (sciences) organisations, supporting them with tailored services for demanding positions.

QTC Recruitment and the food (sciences) industry

One of QTC Recruitment’s founders, Hans Dijkstra, has been active in the food (sciences) industry since he started his career in recruitment, resulting in an extended network. During the time Hans was working as an account manager in the wine industry, he gained interest and enthusiasm for the food (sciences) industry. Organisations in QTC Recruitment’s network are active in a variety of segments, including agriculture, consumer products, food ingredients and animal feed. During recent years, QTC Recruitment has filled numerous positions for some of the largest food and beverage companies in the world.


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