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Medical Devices Industry

Europe’s medical devices industry is one of QTC Recruitment’s main focuses, resulting in an extended network of specialists and a dominant position within a sector that is vital to all the life sciences. The medical devices industry is a major and fast-growing market, where many new organisations were established recently. A medical device is an instrument, device, machine, material, software or article used for various diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes, such as diagnosis, monitoring, preventions and treatment of diseases, but also for research, replacement or alteration of human anatomy and animals. Medical devices differ in use, but all aim to improve the quality of life, products or processes, which is the common goal in the life sciences industry.

Developments in the medical devices industry

Innovative medical technologies are important drivers for improving safety, quality and efficacy in healthcare for both humans and animals. Innovative medical technologies are constantly being developed. Current challenges for the medical devices industry include the ageing society, new legislation and regulations, the rise of e-health technologies and the green economy. All these challenges involve specialised research and development (R&D) and implementation. The new laws and regulations contain improvements that all should be implemented in current medical instruments by 2020. These current challenges give rise to a variety of new employment opportunities involving quality assurance and regulatory affairs.

QTC Recruitment and the medical devices industry

QTC Recruitment has built a large network in the medical devices industry in Europe. We offer tailor-made services for several leading, fast-growing, innovative clients in the medical devices industry. In addition, we recruit and select relevant and matching candidates for demanding positions. QTC Recruitment is able to guarantee this, because of our placement model with a 100% success rate. For example, QTC Recruitment has recently successfully filled different positions for companies in the Top 10 of the Medical Devices Business.


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