Pharmaceutical Industry, Farmaceutische Industrie

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is the sector in life sciences engaged in the production and sale of medicines, such as pills, creams, powders, and liquids. The sector can be distinguished in two areas: on the one hand, chemistry specialists who are producing the active substances of a drug and on the other hand, specialists who ensure a drug is shaped the right way. Also, packaging of the final product belongs to this area. In the packaging area, there is a difference between brand or generic medicines and medical devices. Furthermore, a lot of work is being done on the discovery and development of new drugs and the improvement of existing drugs (R&D). The main goal of the life sciences industry is to improve the quality of life, products, and/or processes. For pharmaceuticals, the main challenge is to develop new medicines that prevent or cure currently incurable diseases.

The production of medicines is subject to several strict laws and regulations that relate to safety, efficacy, patents, hygiene, testing, and marketing of these drugs. All medicines must be registered by the registration authorities. These authorities determine whether the medicine is effective and safe for society by analysing the drug potential in differente research phases. If a drug has been approved, it can be marketed and the manufacturer and/or importers will supply the drug to wholesalers who are responsible for the distribution to pharmacies, supermarkets, and drug stores.

Developments in the pharmaceutical industry

There are ongoing developments in the pharmaceutical industry. One of the trends is that drug companies merge to specialise in a particular sub-market. The merge of these companies makes their position on the market stronger and makes it possible to fund the high costs of research. Another trend in the pharmaceutical industry is digitalisation. Approximately 40% of all healthcare consumers are searching online for information related to healthcare, symptoms, and treatments. Besides, social media is becoming more and more important. 23% of the healthcare consumers are using social media to look up information about health issues. As a result, file documents, processes, and information must all be implemented online, which causes an increase in employment opportunities.

QTC Recruitment and pharmaceutical industry

Through decades of experience in the life sciences industry, QTC Recruitment has succeeded in filling many positions in the pharmaceutical sector. This resulted in a widespread network in the pharmaceutical industry.

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