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Generally speaking, every major organisation has an executive management that is managed by the board of directors and the shareholders. The management translates the general policy into concrete goals and strategies and is responsible for the success or failure of the organisation. QTC Recruitment actively works in the life sciences industry. Within this industry, there are many different sectors with all kinds of management challenges.

Management in biotechnology

The biggest challenge for management in biotechnology is to promote the transition from scientific-oriented thinking to commercial-oriented thinking. Biotechnology companies feel pressured by investors, medical opinion leaders, and authorities to perform well. Besides, managers with many different qualities are highly needed in the biotech industry. Having managers with the right qualities in an organisation becomes an important indicator of future success, for both small and large biotechnology organisations.

Management challenges in the pharmaceutical sector

The pharmaceutical sector is in a transitional phase. The challenges in this sector can therefore be overwhelming. There is a constant flow of capital, emergence of new technologies and patent losses that cause disturbances. Personalised medicine, regulatory pressure, digital health, integrations, and losing exclusivity are consequences of these constant changes. The managers must address this to maintain or gain market share, maintain talent, and ensure a good competitive market position. QTC Recruitment helps clients to successfully address these changes in management.

Medical devices organisations and management challenges

The medical devices industry has experienced a period of rapid growth and high profits. The industry now faces a heavier period with many innovations and sharpened laws and regulations. This requires organisations to develop innovative strategies to provide patient-driven solutions. These solutions do not solely aim to cure patients, but they must also have an economic proposition (e.g. reducing healthcare costs). The managers who have worked in medical devices organisations during the growth and profitable period do not necessarily have the required skills to stay successful in the continuously changing market.

Management in food (sciences)

Climate change has a major impact on food supply, which makes the challenges for managers in the food (sciences) industry enormous. Natural resources become scarce while the world’s population continues growing. This results in a high demand for innovation and environmentally friendly breeding systems that can deal with the increasing need for food. QTC Recruitment helps to advise organisations on hiring managers that will address these challenges by stimulating growth strategies and improving overall efficiency.

QTC Recruitment and management

QTC Recruitment actively fills management positions in various sectors of the life sciences industry. The knowledge about skills of a manager for a particular sector are essential for filling different positions. Examples of functions are: firstly, a chief operations officer who oversees the overall activities and procedures of the organisation. Secondly, an operations director who ensures that the work environment and processes are well aligned with the vision of the organisation. In addition, QTC Recruitment also fills plant manager positions who review all activities within a plant. These activities can range from production and manufacture to the execution of policies. Finally, program managers who provide guidance to team and project managers. Their goal is to the right corporate culture among employees through their guidance. Have a look at our vacancies!

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