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After many years of pressure from regulators, the public, and health professionals, a clear division has arisen between medical and commercial functions. The discipline of medical affairs originated in-between these two areas. Medical affairs are the department of a medical devices or pharmaceutical organisation featuring scientific and clinical expertise on the products. This department interacts with doctors and other healthcare professionals who either research, subsidies or use the product of the organisation. Medical affairs are the link between product development and commercialisation. This department offers medical education and communicates important information on the use of the products, the process, and the safety rules. Besides, the medical affairs department gathers information regarding the needs of the consumers and the market potential. Ultimately, this information leads to an increase in effectiveness of the clinical development programs and the product launch.


In the era of big data, the medical affairs department has gained an important role in informing stakeholders about the products and treatments that will be available in the future. Patients use generic information, which is found online, to pose more specific questions to doctors and other healthcare professionals. This trend causes an increase in the need for specific answers to the questions that are asked among patients.

Furthermore, globalisation also influences the medical affairs discipline. Due to globalisation, the medical devices and pharmaceutical organisations need to be able to support the medical affairs in every single country they are active in. By hiring employees in the countries where the products of the organisation are sold, the integration and communication of the organisation with medical specialists in that specific country is facilitated. Statistics show that, at the moment, only 25% of all global pharmaceutical organisations have a local medical affairs department. QTC Recruitment is an international recruitment agency. We fill medical affairs positions for international organisations across all of Europe.

Medical affairs and QTC Recruitment

For more than a decade QTC Recruitment has been active within this field of the life sciences industry in both Europe and the United States. As a result of this long-lasting experience, we can simultaneously offer a network of strong and competent candidates to our clients, and good job opportunities to our candidates. We offer great employment opportunities in a broad scope ranging from junior MSL positions to senior leadership positions.

Moreover, a couple of positions will be mentioned that we, at QTC Recruitment, regularly fill within the discipline of medical affairs. For example, a medical advisor, someone who works with the regulations, marketing, and strategic department. His/her main task is to provide medical expertise to these departments concerning the products sold at the organisation. A medical affairs officer and manager communicate with medical professionals and provide them technical and clinical information regarding the products of the organisation. What’s important for both positions is that they need to stay up-to-date on the changes within the laws and regulations. The last example is a medical writer. A medical writer needs to have a clear understanding of the medical concepts and ideas of an organisation. This person also contributes to the successful reporting and execution of clinical trials, and the development of required files. Have a look at our vacancies!

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