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Medical Device Recruitment

As a full service medical device recruiter, we offer recruitment for permanent and interim positions as well as a total talent solution. The latter means we can help you in the search and selection of professionals, but also in assisting how to compensate and set-up your talent management and recruitment capabilities. We are able to extend our services to any aspect of the employment cycle to guarantee a smooth process, for example in assessments & training, employer branding and market insights, depending on your preferences.


Our service approach

Our medical device recruitment is known for its flexibility towards clients. There is no solution that suits all, so we are approaching every client differently to create a tailor-made service. Because of this, we are able to ensure a 100% delivery and give a nine month rebate period. This means that if a permanent placement made by us is terminated within the first nine months, we will present you a suitable replacement.


Our clients

We offer our tailor-made services to a variety of medical device organisations, whether they are leading, fast-growing, innovative or start-up. For example, we recently successfully filled different positions for companies in the Top 10 of the Medical Devices Business.


Extensive market knowledge

Our niche focus as a medical device headhunter enables us to act faster and match better. Being a specialist, we know the candidates and their ambitions, the companies and their goals and are aware of current market developments.

It is very important for us to stay up to date with the rapidly changing medical device market. To do so, we attend conferences and expo’s, such as the MedTec Europe and the MedTech Summit, where professionals from the industry meet each other. In our Medical Devices Community, we work on bringing professionals together to share their knowledge and experiences and learn from each other.

We are also a member of MedTech Partners, in which we share our recruitment knowledge and advise start-ups on human capital.


Our disciplines

QTC Recruitment’s consultants are vertical market specialists, they are experienced in various disciplines of the medical device industry such as:


Our medical recruiters are highly experienced and passionate about providing solutions and services. We are always willing to go the extra mile to make the world a healthier place. If you fill out the contact form below, we will contact you and tell you more about what our medical device recruitment can mean for you.



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