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A new step: finishing school and starting a career. The feeling of this new step can be exciting as scary as well. This transition comes with uncertainty. A lot of newly grads feel a bit lost when they need to make the step from college to career. There are a few guidelines which can support newly grads into the next steps in their career.

When you are transitioning out of college, it is the perfect time to set some goals. Setting goals is invaluable for getting to know what you want. Most of the time it is hard to know what you want until you start thinking about this. Thereby, it is easy to feel unprepared when finishing school. Setting goals makes it easier to visualise an action plan that will enable you to reach your life goals.

Next to setting goals, there are five steps which are necessary to do immediately after you graduate. The first step you need to make is the decision on housing. Your housing decision is based on where you would like to make your career, what your prospects are and what kind of support you have.

After that, it is convenient to update your wardrobe. Your clothes should fit correctly and be age appropriate. Thereby, it is a must to update your social media and LinkedIn. It is no secret that a lot of companies find employees through social media, especially through LinkedIn. The last thing which can help you after graduation is visiting Network Events related to your career. This gives you the opportunity to connect with people working in the same field.

To support the newly grads, Kelli Gardener wrote the manual: Transitioning from College to Career: A guide for New Grads. She says: “Graduate students need guidance when they finish school. Yes, they do have aspirations and visions about their future, but they need someone to guide them and reach where they want to be.” Therefore, Kelli wrote the guide in collaboration with some experts in the field. Kelli: “I was myself a graduate once and remember how difficult it was to set myself up for success when I finished school and if I had something like this guide it would help immensely”.

Thank you Kelli for writing this helpful guide for newly grads. Would you like to know more about the transitioning from College to Career? Read the full guide.

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