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Almost everybody knows the feeling of starting a new job. Excited but a little nervous as well. A new challenge means new things to learn. Most of the time, people tend to focus mainly on how to master new tasks. This is an essential part of starting a new job, but it is not the only part. Another important part is how to succeed as an employee in the organisation. This contributes to your supervisor’s satisfaction and to your own happiness in the job.

Deliberate practice

When you start a new job, it is essential to learn the basics. Preferable, in the most efficient way. The majority of new employees start to repeat new things they just learned as much and as fast as possible. However, research shows that this form of repeating is not as effective as everyone thinks. The key in this process tends to be deliberate practice.

What does deliberate practice mean? 

  • Patience

First of all, you need to be patient. Do not try to learn everything at once and as fast as you can. This will most of the time result in forgetting important parts and delivering sloppy work. It is okay to take your time to learn new things. It is more valuable to invest a little more time to master your new tasks.

  • Change

As said earlier, the majority likes to repeat a new thing over and over again. However, it seems to be more effective to use different forms of repetition. For example, instead of reading an explanation ten times; read it twice and start practicing in a draft version and after that try to do it for real. These different ways of repetition will make it easier for your brain to recall the information.

  • Failure

Third, do not be afraid to make mistakes. If you want to learn new things, it is necessary to do things you have never done before. No one has ever improved their skills by practicing things they already master. Therefore, it is very common to make some mistakes the first time you try to do a new task.

  • Goals

Fourth, set goals for yourself. It raises confidence when you see improvement on a regular basis. That is not the only reason to set goals. Another one is to compete to the best of your abilities. Each time you set a new goal, just make it a little harder to reach than the previous one.

  • Teacher

Finally, it is very convenient to have someone you can go to when you have questions or when you doubt your own work. Thereby, it is very hard to criticise your own work. Sometimes you do not see your own mistakes. Therefore, it is pleasant to have a teacher.


Success as an employee

A new job is not just about developing new skills and controlling the basic tasks of this new organisation. It is also about how you can succeed as an employee in the organisation. This sounds very obvious, but that is not always the case. Small adaptions can contribute to your success as an employee in the organisation.

A couple of tips to succeed as an employee in a (new) organisation:

  • Work ethic

At first, you need to keep up a good attitude in work. When people work at a job for a long time, they sometimes become a little slack. This is because they start to feel comfortable in the workspace. Which obviously is a positive development, but it is important to be sharp on the possible negative outcomes of this development. Therefore, you always need to make sure that you are in time at work and meet assignment deadlines for example.

  • New skills

Second, employees who just started at a new job are very keen to develop new skills. Try to maintain that keenness during the time you work in the same company. This can be done through taking part in every offered training or workshop. By making an effort to follow trainings and workshops, you show that you are still willing to learn new things.

  • Initiative

Third, make sure your supervisor does not have to repeatedly ask you to finish your tasks. Do not take the easiest way out in completing your tasks. Try to make the best out of every task. This includes doing a little bit extra on a task.

  • Criticism

See criticism as a positive thing. It is not meant to offend you but to help. Whenever someone points out a mistake to you, it is an opportunity to learn.  

  • Team player

It is important that you can cooperate with other employees. It does not only make your work experience better, but it is a good sign as well when your colleagues are pleased to work together on a project with you.

After reading the article, we can conclude several things. First, starting in a new job is all about how to manage your new tasks in the best way. The key is deliberate practice. Deliberate practice contains the following characteristics: patience, change, failure, goals and having a teacher. Managing new tasks is not the only important part in a job. It is also about how to succeed as an employee in an organisation. The most important characteristics to succeed are work ethic, new skills, initiative, criticism and being a team player. By following these tips, it is almost sure that you will have a great time at work and become great in what you do!

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