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Last Thursday, March 8, 2019, Hans Dijkstra, Managing Partner and Angela Leek, Marketing Coordinator at QTC Recruitment, visited the LinkedIn headquarters in Dublin. They were invited to the Talent Brand Club Event. An event with the aim of bringing different recruitment & selection organisations together to discuss the challenges, experiences and best practices of different LinkedIn tools. In addition, LinkedIn gave a number of interesting presentations on the use of data as a competitive advantage, they gave practical examples and there was an employer brand masterclass.

Angela Presenting

Angela was very impressed with all the new information she gained during her time in Dublin. “Bringing together several LinkedIn customers works incredibly well when your aim is to share experiences. To see how other organisations deal with certain challenges is interesting and the presentations about LinkedIn was inspiring. I am excited to start using this information and optimise the use of LinkedIn. It is also nice to meet the people behind LinkedIn that we have worked with in recent months and to further optimise this collaboration.” she says. Her travelling companion Hans added: “It was very interesting to see what LinkedIn is doing and in return supporting the future of recruitment with their products/services.”

We would like to thank LinkedIn for the invitation and look forward to future cooperations.

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