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Jord Teeuwen Roundtable Discussion

Entering the labour market is not always easy. You might feel you are about to make a choice you are stuck with for the rest of your life. High time for some soul-searching! ‘What do I want?’ and ‘What steps do I take?’ One of the main reasons you might be present at the BCF Career Event is probably that it helps you answer these questions.

QTC Recruitment has more than 10 years of experience in the Life Sciences industry and has daily interactions with candidates and employers. We know what kind of ‘DNA’ is necessary in the current labour market. And we know that you are never ‘stuck’. Careers keep changing as new opportunities arise.

Jord Teeuwen, one of the Managing Partners of QTC Recruitment, will host a roundtable discussion around this theme at the BCF Career Event, 23rd of May. Several industry leaders will share their experiences as ‘young, starting professionals eager to be active and make a difference in the life sciences sector’ and how this shaped their careers. Tips and tricks will be discussed for how to choose your first job and which competencies will be useful for which job, ensuring you a good start in your professional life.

Careers in the Life Sciences business can be colourful! All industry leaders joining our roundtable discussion have an educational background in Life Sciences, but they currently hold a wide range of positions, working for diverse companies.

  • Ron Bryon, Managing Partner, Ekoy Investment Partners
  • Lucy Peltenburg, Consultant Biopharma R&D Portfolio Planning, Ganttenburg Consultancy
  • Stijn De Valckenaere, Business Unit Manager Pesticides, Eurofins Food & Feed Testing Netherlands


Meet our host and speakers:

Jord Teeuwen is Managing Partner of QTC Recruitment. He has been working in the recruitment industry for over 12 years now. He has worked for key organisations in the life sciences industry specialised in the biotech, pharma, food (sciences) and medical devices sector in both the United States and Europe. Almost five years ago, he started his own recruitment organisation, QTC Recruitment, with a niche focus in the life sciences.

Ron Bryon has over 25 years of business management and strategic planning experience from various organisations throughout the world. He has extensive experience in the medical technology and bio-pharmaceuticals industry in the areas of sales, marketing and operational management. He has covered management roles of affiliates and distributor organisations throughout EMEA, APAC/ANZ and the US. Currently, Ron is Managing Partner at Ekoy Investment Partners BV and is specialised in the identification and selection of promising and innovative start-ups in the bio-medical and medical technology industry.

Lucy Peltenburg has a PhD degree in molecular cancer biology and immunology, and worked as a teacher and researcher at the LUMC in the field of cancer therapy improvement. In 2005 she decided to quit science and join Crucell (now part of Johnson&Johnson), to join the to-be-built Strategic Planning team. From 2010 onwards, she shaped the R&D Operations function at Prosensa. This integration of operational and business planning provided a basis for R&D decision making, program acceleration and securing funding. After Prosensa’s acquisition by BioMarin in 2015, she joined the global Program Management department, being responsible for the improvement of financial oversight on the R&D project portfolio as part of the decision-making process. Early 2018, she founded Ganttenburg Consultancy in order to apply the cross-disciplinary Prosensa approach to other expanding biotech and pharma companies.

Stijn De Valckenaere graduated at the faculty of Bioscience Engineering at the University of Ghent, Belgium. Currently, he is responsible for a business unit including 80 highly skilled and motivated team members, running a lab specialised in pesticides. Although he started his career in the development and production of food. Now Stijn is contributing to global health and safety. With high-quality laboratory and advisory services in The Netherlands, he is part of a bigger Eurofins team serving all kinds of customers (growers, retailers, etc.) for all sorts of markets (NL, EU, etc.).

By joining this session, you learn from the choices they made and about the effects it had on their career paths. This can help you find out what you want and what your first steps could be towards fulfilling your personal goals. And why not immediately put this knowledge to use while orientating on and talking to employers at BCF Career Event?

Jump-start your career and join our session at the BCF Career Event!

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