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QTC Recruitment is growing and we cannot contain our excitement any longer. We would like to introduce to you our three new interns and three new employees, ready to rock at QTC Recruitment! We had small interviews with each of them to get to know them. 


Quincy Kompier:

Quincy is one of our newest member at QTC Recruitment. He started last week as Associate at the Food (Sciences) team. When we asked him why he started working at QTC Recruitment Quincy answered with the following: “I Personally started at QTC because I needed a change of pace. I wanted to further develop and noticed that I had not done that in the past six months. When QTC Recruitment knocked on my door, accompanied by the fact that the workplace was a 5-minute walk away, I knew that this was an opportunity that I could not refuse. Additionally, I am able to continue my pizza addiction by ordering my favourite pizza shawarma at O Sole Mio in Zwanenburg.” Some important facts that you should know about Quincy are that he competitively played handball, he was an E-sporter, and he likes to present. That’s why he has a past in vlogging but decided to switch passions and decided to inspire people with his voice with podcasting. Quincy has two favourite animals firstly, the chameleon because they are very relaxed animals and have the ability to change colour but can also treacherously catch their prey with their tongue. Secondly, koalas, they climb into eucalyptus trees and eat their leaves. Sometimes they eat too much and then end up in a special ‘high’, which leads them to accidentally fall from trees. “Magnificent.” he says. His favourite food is Pizza shawarma with a ton of ranch.

Melek Simsek:

Melek studies International Business and Languages. She is part of the Marketing Team as a Marketing Intern. Her tasks are updating the company websites, social media channels and support the marketing team in day-to-day tasks. Melek is a heavy fan of Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande. She said that if you gave her a million euro’s she will donate half and invest the other. With that profit, she would keep spending it on charities. Lastly, she prefers salty over sweet snacks. She added that she has an unhealthy obsession with salty popcorn and that she can not stand anyone that eats the sweet kind.

Lisa Groen:

Lisa is a Facility Management student, during her time at QTC Recruitment she will be part of the Operations Team. Her main task will be increasing the efficiency of current company systems. Lisa is a sporty girl that likes to eat pizza. She does not have a specific singer/band she likes, but she likes to blast the current top 40 hits. Lastly, her top three things she likes to do during her free time is baking cakes, taking landscape pictures and playing hockey.

Wendy Stikkelbroeck:

Wendy started working at QTC Recruitment last week as Associate at the Food (Sciences) team. Wendy said that she started working at QTC Recruitment because it appealed to her that QTC Recruitment recruits in a different way than most of the other existing recruitment agencies. “Instead of just trying to score, we recruit in an honest way that goes more in depth.” Wendy nicely described our business slogan: Quality over quantity. Wendy is a very honest person, sometimes too honest. However, you always know what to expect from her. If a roman was written about her, Wendy would be written as a person that is hard to impress, someone that doesn’t easily fall in love and is hard to pinpoint. Lastly, her pizza order would be the Mexican hot and spicy.

Nisheet Lal:

Nisheet recently started working at QTC Recruitment as Internal Recruiter.To the question, why did you start working at QTC Recruitment, Nisheet gave the following answer: “I had never done recruiting before and believe that QTC has a great added value towards my growth as an upcoming Applied Psychologist, QTC makes my thinking applicable.” Nisheet is a true social butterfly and says that he couldn’t live without social contact. Therefore, the best compliment he ever received was when his friends told him that he is an open and accessible person. People experience him as being easy to talk to, which makes them as authentic as they can be around him. Some fun facts about Nisheet are that his favourite book is The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Furthermore, if his life would be turned into a movie it would be “Why I did it anyway”, played by Oded Fehr.


Menno Welp:

Menno currently studies Business Administration, naturally, he will be part of the Finance Team. His tasks are assisting the finance team and creating financial strategy plans to improve current systems. Just Like Lisa, Menno’s favourite food is Pizza, however, his taste is a little more specific. He likes a good barbeque chicken pizza. According to him anytime is a good time for a barbeque chicken pizza (Yes, even late at night!). He likes to play football competitively and during his free time, he likes to have a nice time with friends while listening to Post Malone.


We wish all of you good luck at QTC Recruitment, and are looking forward to your future successes!

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