Working as a Freelancer: insecure or a smart move?


The world is changing rapidly and the labour market changes just as fast. If you were looking for a job fifteen years ago,  with a permanent contract. This means a steady income and therefore more security and stability. Is this still the same nowadays? And does this have to stop you in the search for a higher income, a broader variety of assignments and a lot more flexibility which comes with a job as freelancer/contractor? We sorted out if the differences are as big as we think they are.

1. A different view on job security

If we look to the current generation, we see that the understanding of job security is changing rapidly. Millennials have a lot of opportunities to gain experience working on short projects, developing their own ideas or by working abroad. Although, these opportunities might not be available to everyone, it is clear that we have very different views on the course of a career nowadays.

There is a lot of insecurity in the life sciences industry as well. A clinical trial can suddenly fall through, resulting in certain positions becoming obsolete. In addition, there are a lot of business acquisitions as well as fusions every year in this industry. Because of these characteristics, it makes it a very diverse industry with rapid changes and developments. A contractor, in comparison to a permanent employee, could be better prepared for such developments. Also, these changes within the industry often results in organisations looking for interim solutions which brings new opportunities for contractors as well.

Concluding, it gets more and more important to be less dependent of a single organisation and to prepare yourself for the fast-changing labour market.

2. Secure your future

The past years, we saw a great breakthrough in technology. The life sciences industry is not an exception in this area. To be a step ahead of your competition, organisations need to come up with new, innovative ways to make medicines and devices better, cheaper and more attractive.

Although, these developments may be very positive for the progression and growth of the health care industry, it can be difficult for employees to adapt and to keep track of these developments. Thereby, we still see that a lot of positions in an organisation change or disappear completely due to automatization.   

As a contractor, you always train your adaptive skills, because it is important that you get the hang of the processes within an organisation as fast as possible. These skills are a massive help when preparing for the fast changes in the market.

3. Find a proper recruitment partner

Working as a contractor is not always easy. Every time your contract ends, it can be a tense moment when looking for your next assignment. Therefore, it is important to have a good network be up to date on any projects that could fit your expertise. This network obviously grows when you’ve done more projects and get to know different companies and organizations.

This is why most contractors make sure that they work together with a reliable recruitment partner. First of all, they often have a great network which they could open up for you. Secondly, they have contact with companies on a daily basis. Because of this, they can make sure that your projects follow each other well. Also, a recruitment partner can help with the legal and regulatory compliancy, taxes and other cases which can differ per organisation and per country.

QTC Recruitment is a reliable recruitment partner for contractors in the life sciences industry. We support contractors in finding new projects and keep in touch during the assignment to make sure that everything goes well. As most projects last twelve months on average, this can help in giving you peace of mind and give you room to focus on what you should.

Of course, working as a freelancer could have some risks. However, working on a project can give you the same work security as a permanent position if you plan and approach it well. Eventually, it all depends on what makes you happy. So, do not let insecurity stop you and consider what life as a contractor could mean for you!

Are you thinking of a career as contractor and do you want to know where to start? Feel free to contact our contract team, who are willing to help you anytime with the next step in your career!

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Written by Max Parijs, Consultant QTC Recruitment

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