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Operations Director

The Operations Director has a varied job description and is involved in almost every aspect of the organisation. The Operations Director is responsible for a large part of the operations within the organisation and reports to the Chief Operations Officer. The main goal the Operations Director has is ensuring that all the operations within the organisation run smoothly.


What will you be doing as an Operations Director?

Since the main goal of an Operations Director is to ensure that the organisation’s processes and environment run as smooth as possible, the position has many different aspects. Overall, the Operations Director evaluates the organisation and the way it operates. This evaluation gives the Operations Director the opportunity to guide and improve the organisation in the right direction. Managing business guidelines and strategies, and communicating and collaborating with other departments are general responsibilities. Other general responsibilities are keeping the employees motivated, investigating customer satisfaction, and supervising and giving feedback to employees from different departments. Specific responsibilities depend on the type of industry the organisation operates in. Since the responsibilities involve several departments across the organisation, it makes the job of an Operations Director variable and challenging on a day-to-day basis.



The requirements for an Operations Director will differ per organisation. In general, there are certain basic required skills needed for the job:

  • Bachelor degree or higher (Master of Business Administration is very advantageous)
  • Proven experience as an Operations Director, or any other relevant director position
  • Knowledge of the organisation in question and the industry it operates in
  • In depth knowledge of the different business functions and principles (sales, marketing, etc.)
  • Ability to guide and train the employees keeping in mind the organisation’s mission statement

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